SFB 592

Gliederung des SFB 592



Inhaltlich hat der SFB 592 drei Schwerpunkte, sowie einen zentralen Bereich:

Projektbereich A: Signalmechanismen – Signaling Mechanisms

A01 Scaal Signaling mechanisms in somite cell specification
A03 Driever, Onichtchouk Establishment of signaling centers, pattern formation, and control of differentiation in the zebrafish gastrula: Roles of Pou5f1
A08 Schäfer, Kircher, Nagy Photomorphogenesis in plants: spatial and temporal patterns of phytochrome-mediated signal transduction
A10 Laux Stem cell regulation in Arabidopsis plant apical meristems
A14 Boehm Signalling pathways required for propagation and differentiation of thymic epithelial progenitor cells
A20 Frotscher Reelin signaling in the development of layers in the neocortex
A21 Taylor Regulation of neural stem cell maintenance and fate choice in the vertebrate brain through novel aspects of Notch signaling
A22 Krieglstein TGF-ß/GDNF-mediated crosstalk during sympathetic neuron development
A23 Unsicker, Kalcheim Specification and maintenance of chromaffin cells and their preganglionic innervation
N02 Pyrowolakis

BMP-Mediated Transcriptional Repression in Drosophila

Projektbereich B – Zellpolarität – Cell Polarity

B07 Walz The role of planar cell polarity proteins in renal development
B08 Palme Regulation of lateral root development in Arabidopsis thaliana
B09 Omran The role of nephrocystin-3 for cilia-mediated signaling and determination of left/right asymmetry
B10 Huber, Kramer-Zucker Development of the Glomerular Filter

Projektbereich C - Transcriptional Responses to Signaling Networks

C01 Grosschedl Wnt-dependent and Wnt-independent Regulation of Organogenesis by LEF1
C02 Schüle Control of adipogenesis by the signal-regulated INHAT-repressor NIR


Borggrefe Notch signalling in hematopoiesis: The role of RBP-Jk-assosiated transcriptional cofactors in lymphopoiesis
C05 Baumeister Protein interactions and modifications determine the activity of a major regulator of neural transcription, the POU protein UNC-86

Projektbereich Z – Zentrale Einrichtungen – Central Units

Z01 Driever Central tasks of the Collaborative Research Centre
Z02 Nitschke, Driever Central facility - In vivo Imaging (Life Imaging Center)

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